You would have to be living under a rock not to know that it has been mighty dry lately, not just in the Berkshires but throughout many areas throughout the country. I live in Pittsfield which is one of the municipalities in Berkshire County that has been under water restrictions over the past couple of weeks due to the recent drought conditions. It's unfortunate that there are restrictions but I totally get it.

One of the main reasons I say that it's unfortunate that there are water restrictions is because just about a month ago my daughter, Hannah, started using her little pool and water sprinkler and she absolutely loves them, to the point where she'll look toward the outside window and repeat "pool" over and over again. Hannah gets her love of water from her daddy. As much as I would love to fill up the pool I know it's a big NO during the daytime hours.

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As a Refresher, Here are Some of the Activities that Fall Under Pittsfield's Water Restrictions During Daytime Hours. 

  • Watering lawns and gardens
  • Filling swimming pools
  • Washing vehicles

I suppose I could fill Hannah's pool and run the sprinkler after 7:00 p.m. but at that point, it's too late for her as my wife and I are getting her wound down for bedtime.

What are the Penalties for Not Following the Water Restrictions Implemented by the City of Pittsfield

I had thought about breaking the rules and just filling up the pool but being a good boy I didn't. Just as a reminder, if you do break the water restriction rules, you'll receive a written warning for the first violation; a $50 fine for the second violation, and $300 for subsequent violations. I have three words, not worth it.

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