This past Tuesday, February 6th, approximately 150 people met in the gymnasium of the Stockbridge Town Offices on Main Street for the town's Planning Board meeting. The topic at hand was a proposed change to the town's zoning bylaws to allow for a massive redevelopment of the former DeSisto School Property on Route 183. The proposed change was not supported by the town's planning board as they recommended that residents reject the rezoning at the annual May town meeting.

According to the Berkshire Edge, orthopedic surgeon Charles Kenny, took to the podium and noted how the developers Patrick Sheehan and Tony Gutherie haven't been in clear communication with the town and Sheehan didn't "take advatage to address the town directly about the project." It seems that the developers' relationship with the board is dysfunctional as stated in the Berkshire Edge. Sheehan's proposal can be read here.

At Tuesday's meeting there were mixed opinions on whether the project should be supported by the town but only a handful are in favor of green lighting the proposal. The motion passed by a vote of 7–0, with the stipulation that the zoning bylaw review  committee “review the Cottage Era Estate bylaw as its highest priority” which is a big issue with the town regarding Sheean's plan and can be viewed in the above link. The bylaw will be voted on at the annual town meeting Monday, May 21.

(Article information taken from the Berkshire Edge