The next WSBS Great Radio Auction is coming up on Mar. 28. Hundreds of thousands dollars in items will be up for bid that day beginning at 9am all going to the highest bidder. We host three auctions per year (spring, summer and fall) and our listeners are always excited to take advantage of quality items at deep discounts as nothing ever goes for full retail value in the Great Radio Auction.

Currently our account executives are in the process in recruiting businesses to offer up items in the auction. Restaurant certificates tend to be our most plentiful item but our sales folks want to know what items you would like to see/see more of in the Great Radio Auction.

So please take a moment to take the poll as this will give us a sense of what types of items we can attempt to add/bulk up on in this spring's auction. We also have provided an "other" field for options we may have missed and/or didn't think of. Take the poll and have fun.

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