I am by no means a grilling expert. I still have plenty to learn, but over the past year I have really been into grilling. It's become one of my favorite summer activities. I purchased my first grill last year, a Weber charcoal grill and I must say I am quite happy with it.

Because I grill mainly on weekends, I have the extra time to grill using the charcoal method. Add to that, I don't use any type of lighter fluid. Instead, I place the briquettes in a chimney with newspaper and light them up with a match or a lighter. This way I don't have to suffer from any lighter fluid taste.

My family tells me that the above method tastes great but because I don't own a gas grill, I wonder how propane compares. I went to the Faceboook community and asked the folks what they prefer between charcoal and propane and why. Here is the mixed but useful feedback I received.

- Flavor is by far better with charcoal

- Propane. Easy. No charcoal lighter smell

- Propane: faster start. No lighter fluid taste

- Charcoal , hamburgers taste so much better 

- Charcoal, so much better!

- Propane don't like the taste of charcoal

- Charcoal for flavor but we use propane for speed

- Propane is what we use

- None of the above . Wood pellet!

- Charcoal creates better flavor but who has the time to wait for the coals to get hot?

- Propane fired hardwood chips

- Charcoal the match and light. Love the taste of food better

- Food tastes better with charcoal but expensive and takes time to get charcoal ready for grilling

- charcoal easier

-  neither..... wood fire is preferred. charcoal is 2nd best with propane being a far third choice.

So there you have it. Some folks are for charcoal, others are for propane and some would rather go with the wood fired method. Someday I would love to try all three methods and then do a side by side taste test. Which method do you prefer?