Continuing our theme with stores in Berkshire County that no longer exist but that most of us loved (see the Bradlees article here), I thought the latest retailer that I would spotlight is Radio Shack. When it came to convenience, Radio Shack checked all of the boxes for me. Depending on where I lived at the time, the three locations I visited on a regular basis consisted of the North Adams, Pittsfield, and Great Barrington stores. The Great Barrington location in particular was a gem because it was literally a 10-second drive from the Great Barrington radio station (WSBS) to the store.

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I have been working in Great Barrington for nearly 16 years and Radio Shack was a regular go-to for me when I needed to buy/replace electronic items for the station including headphones, boomboxes, digital cameras, adaptors, and computer monitors just to name a few. Plus, many of the station's on-air guests wanted copies of their interviews on CD. I can't tell you how many stops I made to Radio Shack to purchase blank compact discs.  Radio Shack was always there and you could depend on the store to have what you needed in stock. Needless to say, I was quite bummed when Radio Shack had to call it day for the in-person stores throughout the Berkshires.

Radio Shack still operates today albeit online but you can't replace the in-store experience. Though the business was a chain, the staff who worked at the Berkshire County locations were very friendly, helpful and they consistently supplied me with quality hometown service.

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