Ramsdell Library in Housatonic is now offering free neighborhood delivery for home-bound library patrons. Volunteer drivers will make deliveries on Wednesday afternoons, pending an application from patrons.

“Our volunteers are ready and waiting for patrons who would benefit from this service,” said Amanda DeGiorgis, director of the Great Barrington Libraries.

Any interested delivery customers are asked to contact Sam Reggio, adult circulation supervisor at Mason Library, (413) 528-2403, for more information. Patrons seeking home delivery must have an account in good standing with the library.

Also at Ramsdell, the library staff has swapped the location of the Children’s Room and the Art Room, as suggested in a recent consultant’s report on the future of the Ramsdell Library. This swap allows for a cozier Children’s Room, which can be easily closed off from the rest of the library, and a more well-lit and larger arts and crafts room for Ramsdell’s art book collection. The Art Room is also used for art workshops and craft programs. New toys and furnishings will be acquired for both rooms in coming months.

Ramsdell also has a new public photocopier for color or black and white copies as well as scanning. Color photocopies are $.50 a page; scanning is free but requires a USB drive. Black and white photocopies are $.15 but will increase to $.20 on Jan. 1, 2019.

(article image is a 2012 photograph of the children's area at the Ramsdell Library, image taken from the Great Barrington Libraries Facebook page