In an article in Wednesday's edition of the Berkshire Eagle it was reported that the memorial marking the location of a 1969 close encounter, known as "our nation's first off-world/UFO incident" is going to be moved again. The monument is located near the Old Covered Bridge in the Town of Sheffield.

During a recently conducted land survey, the town found that the memorial, as well as a bench and lighting decorating the area, is still on a town right-of-way easement and must be removed by the owner or the town will do so in May, according to Town Administrator Rhonda LaBombard.

LaBombard said that the concrete structure is "kind of on town property and no one decided it could go there. The town has bylaws and if we let one place put something up, then why can't someone else? I don't want that to happen."

UFO Monument

(the face of the monument) 

Former Sheffield resident Thomas Reed who was one of four people who had a close encounter near the bridge in September of 1969 and who played a role in having the memorial placed in its current location, was surprised to hear the monument is being moved especially since LaBombard approved the location of where the monument currently sits. In addition, Reed has documentation from the Town Administrator stating that the town would not offer any input since the monument is privately owned and on private property.

Reed also has documentation from attorney Mark Reich which stretches back to 2015 approving the site location with the agreement that Reed abides by certain conditions including clearing the location and acquiring a letter of permission from the property owner to place the monument on the land which is owned by Pine Island Farms. According to Reed, all of those conditions were achieved.

Is the monument on town property? Is it on private property? Do residents have a problem with where the monument is currently placed? Thom along with Paralegal Chrissy Perrott will be guests on "Let's Talk" this Monday morning (4/16/18) at 9:05 to address the issue and you can join in on the conversation as we will be taking listener phone calls at 413-528-0860.

(Thomas Reed photo used by permission from Reed) 

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