Christmas is rapidly approaching and in addition to the family fun, the food, the music and holiday spirit; there's always that chance that you or someone in your family may receive a gift that is duplicate or something they/you don't want. Then the questions lies, what to do with the gift?  If it were me, as long as the gift wasn't absolutely terrible or bizarre, I would more than likely regift the item as long as I could find the recipient that would be a good fit for the gift.

Here  are my top three reasons as to why I would regift the item:

(1) Your chosen recipient may end up loving the gift, hence you could be making someone's day.

(2) Regifting is better than just letting the item go unused.

(3) Waiting in the return lines after Christmas is never fun (been there, done that, I'd rather be doing more exciting things),

*I suppose if the gift could be returned online then I would choose that option if nobody else seemed interested in the gift.

So this Christmas if you receive a gift you don't want/need or you receive a duplicate gift; are you going to regift or return?


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