I first connected with Lisa Zarcone via Linked In about 2 years ago as she just wrote a compelling novel entitled "The Unspoken Truth" and then discovered through private messages and conversations that she and her husband, John are natives of Berkshire county which led me to invite her on one of my Saturday Morning Chats to discuss the book and talk about her roots in our area. If I had to describe Lisa in one word: INNOVATIVE with a slew of original ideas and creativity who is not afraid of introducing new ideas plus she is also "loyal and true" (2 of my favorite words that best describes a person who I am proud to be associated with in life)

Since then, we have been very instrumental in assisting toward letting our listeners know about the memoir of her life was available at local book stores throughout our area. She has also appeared on the show to discuss seminars, lectures and book signings which has led to positive response from the general public.

Lisa was recently appointed as the Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse as she also serves as a voice for those who can not speak up regarding the turmoil she has gone through in life and has shared some heart wrenching stories with us in previous appearances on my radio show. Lisa's journey continues as a upcoming children's series is in the works and she will share more details with us when the project comes to fruition.

During one of our conversations, I suggested we shift gears and made a suggestion that Lisa should try her skills in co-hosting a show with yours truly LIVE on WSBS and the end result was success with a capital S. She has made numerous appearances in sharing her knowledge of music and the chemistry between us on the air proved to be magical and entertaining.

We have given her the moniker "Lisa Z" and I am happy to bring her back at our Stockbridge Road studios as both of us will keep the tri-state region going with the BEST mix of music from the 60's to today along with more surprises we just can't mention. Tune in Saturday morning at 10:05 immediately following The Trading Post as Ron & Lisa Z will be re-united on the air once again. It's a great way to enhance your weekend as they will present their own unique style while entertaining an audience in the process.

Lisa is also an accomplished blogger, poet and inspirationalist. You can get more acquainted with Z on line by logging on to her personal web site where you will find a wealth of information and a plethora of photos that focus on her all-important mission in life.

I am SO PROUD to call Lisa my dear friend in life and you'll hear why when you tune in Saturday to 860 AM, 94.1 FM OR listen LIVE on line by logging on here. You can also access the chat on Google Home OR Amazon Alexa enabled devices and via the FREE WSBS app which can be download to your tablet, Smart Phone OR mobile device at any local app store.