Let's face it: It is winter here in the Berkshires and all across the tri-state region as we have seen our share of foul weather, but there is nothing worse than a bout of freezing rain which turns roads, sidewalks, driveways and walkways into sheets of ice and that poses a hazard for anyone who has to venture outdoors.

I was called in on my day off on Sunday to monitor activities regarding this impending storm. Good thing I thought out of the box to arrive at work after 6 am because a half hour later, Mother Nature put on her grand performance and caused inconveniences for many in our listening area, present company included.

By noontime, I could not even leave from the radio station as our parking lot required me to put on a pair of ice skates (which were not available at the time) so I waited it out for over three hours after my designated shift ended. I did NOT want to chance heading to my car for fear that a fall could pose some consequences (and believe me there were others in that same predicament) therefore indoors was my safe haven for the time being.

Question: Now what is the next step to tackle this problem? Quick thinking on my part: I called The Great Barrington Police Department as I requested that an on-duty police officer would be kind to walk me towards my car (and he did!) Once I settled in, the next phase of defrosting and removing all the excess ice took control. Good thing I bought a new battery as my problems would've been compounded if that task wasn't taken care of.

After thawing out the car (which took over 20 minutes) I pulled over to an area gas station to clear the rest of my windshield from the excess ice and I needed to fill up the tank but guess what? My gas cap was frozen solid (and still was on the following morning) but I guess these steps need to be taken "little by little" (as Robert Plant used to say in his 1985 hit single sans Led Zeppelin)

Ice Ice Baby? NO WAY: We can really do without this sloppy weather as I am waiting for months end where I'll be spending a relaxing weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida away from this winter wonderland. I am counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds, need I say more. 75 degree highs, no humidity OR cold weather to deal with. Ah YES, "Paradise is just around the corner".

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