If you're heading to work or school this morning, you'll want to give yourself some extra time thanks to the weather that occurred in the overnight hours leading into this morning.

We have received road closure and downed tree/power line reports.

The following were emailed to WSBS from Great Barrington Police Chief William Walsh:

-Alford Road, west of Division Street towards town of Alford. (Power cut)

-Monument Valley Road from Stoney Brook Road to Blue Hill Road. (Power cut)

-Lake Mansfield Road in the area of Fox Run Drive. (Power cut)

-Lake Buel Road in the area of Kutsher’s Sports Academy. (Power cut)

-Prospect Street in Housatonic. (Lines are still live)

-Round Hill Road in the area of 17. (Lines are still live)

In addition, the chief informed us that utility companies are out and will at some point get roads open again.

The following were called in from residents in the local community: 

-A tree is down on Route 41 just south of Berkshire School heading toward Connecticut. If you're heading to the Salisbury area, you're better off taking Route 7.

-A tree is down on Home Road in Sheffield and you can't go past the Cross Road as a tree is down below the Crossroad.

-West Sheffield Road in Sheffield where the Appalachian Trail crosses is impassable as a tree and power lines are down.

- Just as you go through the town of Alford heading up West Road a tree along with wires are down in the middle of the road.

In addition, sections of New Marlborough are without power this morning.

If you have any updated information or know of any road closures, don't hesitate to call WSBS Radio at (413) 528-0860 and thanks to the folks who have sent us the closure information.

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