In the wake of Wednesday's reported attempted roadside abduction of a young woman jogging along Creamery Road in Egremont, Southern Berkshire Regional Schools Superintendent Beth Regalbuto sent out a safety alert to families today.

In the email, Regalbuto said the district's "School Resource Officer, principals and staff will be speaking to the students, in an age appropriate manner, about how to keep themselves safe around strangers. With the addition of our SRO, we are planning to continue to teach safety as part of our standard curriculum, and the message of stranger danger will be reinforced. We want children to be safe, but not scared."

Regalbuto's message also said, "In partnership with us, we ask that our parents/guardians talk with their child, in what ever manner you feel is appropriate, to warn them of the danger of going with strangers. I have informed the bus company as we have students with stops in that area, and all drivers have been alerted."

That I think, is great advice for all of us to keep in mind.

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