As we are entering the second month of this COVID-19 pandemic, we are all doing our best to take any necessary precautions to stay healthy. Social distancing is strongly encouraged when you are outdoors, particularly when you're out and about at your local supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy et al or even when walking to break the monotony of isolation.

Another major concern is what if you are experiencing any health problems? There has been a reluctance for those to receive necessary care at your local emergency room due to the Corona Virus. We will ease your mind as Dr. Adrian Elliott, Fairview Hospital's Emergency Department's Chief Medical Director will check in and discuss this sensitive topic with Ron Carson on this weekend's Saturday Morning Chat. There are safety measures implemented during the pandemic.

When I post this link on our WSBS Facebook page, please feel free to post any questions or concerns you might have by leaving a comment and Dr. Elliott will respond to the best of his ability. It is necessary for you, the audience to address this issue as we all continue to get though this crisis together. Your participation in this 15 minute forum is welcome.

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