Last week, students from the 8th grade class at Saint Mary's School in Lee, stopped by the State Police Lee Barracks to read a poem they wrote in support of law enforcement.

The Massachusetts State Police thanks Aiden, Benjamin, Cole, Jacob, Tyler, and of course their teacher Polly Crosby for stopping by with this heartfelt gesture.

Here's the poem:

Guardians Dressed in Blue

You serve together in a brotherhood
Valiant protectors of us all
Our leaders, brave men and women
Eagerly reporting daily to roll call.


At the station or in patrol cars
Or policing the streets in plain view
Forever boldly facing danger
You are our guardians dressed in blue.


While keeping people safe in a crisis
Encouraging us to be courageous
Or helping to rescue the troubled
Aptly displaying your devotion to us.


Without hesitation you rush into chaos

Responding with swiftness and agility
Your selfless actions unfold as always you
Walk tall with purpose and dignity.


To protect and to serve is your motto
To uphold human rights according to law
Be mindful that you do make a difference
As you perform your duties without flaw.


The challenges you encounter are varied
Danger, crime, violence and, yes, grief
Some disrespect, taunting and daring
Please allow us to offer some relief.


We believe you are due many distinctions
Total respect, much praise and gratitude
Accreditation for your commendable compassion
Recognition for your civic aptitude.


We are but just a few of the many
Who honor your choice to answer the call
And we deeply appreciate your devotion
To us you stand valiantly above all.


When we see you walk proudly in uniform

We'll offer a shy but genuine smile
And hope this testimony of appreciation
Makes you aware your valued call is worthwhile.

(Above information and images taken from the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page)

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