For almost three decades, The Great Barrington Land Conservancy (GBLC) has strived in adding beauty to The Berkshires as their main focus is land and farm preservation with the additional of community trails that are situated all over south county.. For example, The Riverfront Trail opened during the COVID-19 pandemic. This new bypass allows access along The Housatonic River just south of the ever popular River Walk.

Families usually visit Lake Mansfield as they enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities including swimming, canoeing and skating coupled with a stop at The Pfieffer Arboretum as it's unique construction offers a walking loop that allows visitors to enjoy a beautiful view of Long Pond, complete with a original observation platform which makes your visit interesting as these events will definitely have you talking about your experiences at one of Great Barrington's mandatory stop-overs.

This Sunday, September 12th, GBLC volunteers will take center stage as they will assemble for their annual meeting and appreciation day at Lake Mansfield. The event begins at 12 Noon and will take place, rain OR shine. This forum will focus on updates about the areas trails and outdoor places with special kudos for those who improve the area each and every day. It is suggested that you also bring a picnic lunch to satisfy your appetite during your stay,

Discussions regarding Run For The Hills will also be heavily represented during this get-together which takes place on Sunday, October 10th at bard College at Simon's rock on Alford Road in Great Barrington as prospective runners can partake in either a 10-K OR 5-K road race that will take them all across the county with emphasis on enjoying The Berkshires topography and you'll get a sneak peek at the beautiful fall foliage as all proceeds benefit future conservation and additions of community trails across the property. To pre-register for the upcoming race, log on to this web site by going here.

All runners and walkers will be able to access updated information prior to October 10th. The first 125 participants that sign up will receive a FREE T-Shirt and as an added  bonus, a 1-K Fun Run will be offered to youngsters of all ages. So what are you waiting for! lace up those running shoes and you can be an active participant to help out a worthy cause in your back yard.

(Some background information on these events were obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of the Great Barrington Land Conservancy for on-air and on-line usage)

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