Pee Wee Division

Southern Berkshire Chargers Peewees used a ground and pound approach to defeat the North Adams Patriots 6-0 on a rainy Sunday. After a 3 and out by the patriots to open the game the chargers drove the ball to the Patriots 3 yard line but were unable to convert on 4th and goal. Cooper Bunce has a big 30 run on third and long to spark the drive. Both teams played excellent defense and the game remained scoreless until the 4th.

The Patriots opened the quarter by driving the ball from their own 35 to the chargers 25, but a key 4th down play by Matthew Vallone Halted the drive. The Chargers then preceded to execute a surgical 8 play 75 yard TD drive. The drive was capped off by a 40 yard scamper by Michael Parris on 4th and 1. Carson Riva had a key block to spring the touchdown. The chargers defense was able to defuse the final charge by the patriots. Key defensive contributors included Rhys Culbreth, Sean Fallon, Mason Reiners, AJ Russillo and James Green, Logan Burdick and Harry Morey.

Junior Division 

The Junior Chargers notched their first win of the season with a 42-14 win over North Adams.

The offense, led by Shaun Frank’s 150 yard day on the ground, was balanced by Dom Calautti’s strong arm - and the duo teamed up for a 55 yard touchdown strike in the third quarter to change the momentum for good.

The offense line (Robbie Schur, Tyler Jacobs, Zach Martin, Kobe Brown, Wesley VanSant, and Nick Crodelle), paved the way for the rushing attack and Chris Wickwire continued to punish linebackers at the fullback position.

Defensively, the entire team contributed to the win. Linebackers TJ Brown, Chris Wickwire, Zach Martin, Kobe Brown, Brandt Bosio, Daniel Mullen, Avanti Fudge, and Wesley Allyn stymied the run all day long.

The secondary was led by Cameron Murnane, Nick Crodelle, Dom Calautti, Lawson Pederson - allowing for no passing yards on the day and providing fierce run support.

The defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage with Robbie Schur, Shaun Frank, Wesley VanSant, and Tyler Jacobs providing pressure all afternoon.

The Chargers finish the season next weekend, at home, against Dalton.

Senior Division

Senior Chargers lost their game yesterday 30-12 against the North Adams Patriots. Nick Henderson and quarterback Jay Howard each found the end zone to score on offense. Nate Smith ran the ball well throughout the day gaining yards for the team. The defense was led by Trent Pixley with some key blocks. Derick Turner, Hayden Cutlip and Nate Davis also all played well in both halves of the game. The Chargers meet up with Dalton next week with another heated match on Sunday.