A friendly word of warning to my fellow Massachusetts residents. Make sure you check your cupboards or pantry for jars of tomato sauce that could potentially explode and send you on a trip to the emergency room!

I know, I know, it almost sounds like a made-up news story, but trust me, it's very true. And Massachusetts is one of the states affected by this. According to our friends at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there is currently a recall on tomato sauce.

The FDA reports via a media alert that the company Hudson Harvest, based out of Germantown, New York, has issued a voluntary recall of Hudson Harvest Tomato Basil Sauce because of:

...reported swelling, leaking, or bursting jars. There is a possibility that the product has been under processed, which could lead to the potential for spoilage organisms or pathogens.

Below is an image of the product label:

Image Courtesy Hudson Harvest via FDA
Image Courtesy Hudson Harvest via FDA

The product on recall was distributed to retailers during May and June in just three states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. So go ahead and check out your sauce jars as soon as possible.

According to the media alert, the jars affected by the recall are the 16-ounce glass jars. The jars are printed with lot # 1042426, UPC # 683720301567. The UPC can be found above the bar code. The lot number is on the side.

There have been no illnesses or other adverse consequences reported as of yet, however, the company stresses that consumers should not consume this product even if it does not appear to be spoiled.

If you have purchased this product, please return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. For more on this story, please visit the FDA's website here.

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