Below are some updates from the Town of Sheffield

Transfer Stickers

New Transfer Station stickers are due on user’s vehicles on or before Aug. 15. Your Transfer Station sticker and Special Coupons will be sent to you by mail this year so you’ll not need to come down to Town Hall to get them. Just send your form back and you’ll get them back in the mail.

Transfer Station Remains Open Regular Hours

Masks or face coverings are mandatory – as well as social distancing. Kindly wait until the person before you has finished dumping their solid waste or recyclables if you cannot maintain at least a 6’ distance from that person. The Town has received numerous complaints on this type of crowding. The town needs all Transfer Station users help in keeping all users safe, including individual user’s peace of mind.

Town Offices Remain Closed

If you need assistance or to make an appointment with anyone at the Town Hall, call 229-7000 ext 152. Please check the Library and Senior Center websites or call them for the most up-to-date information on their programs and services.

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