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Where can you find a Japanese Tea House, an Enchanted Oak Tree, black squirrels, picnic areas, hiking trails, a covered bridge, and athletic courts all in one place?  And all just a short drive from Berkshire County?

The Stanley Park in Westfield, of course!

With summer vacation here, I want to highlight a great place to go and spend a relaxing day, that’s also close to The Berkshires!

I’ll start right off with some of the best news…it’s free!  While there are fees for various rentals, permits, and use of the grounds for events, just going there, walking around and enjoying the area is free!  There are no entrance fees nor parking fees.

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There’s a multitude of things to do and see at Stanley Park, so I’ll just highlight a few.  You can get a full rundown of everything by visiting their website here.

Rose Garden.  They have a rose garden that should be coming into peak season right about now.  I love roses, and seeing them all in bloom is impressive.  You’ll find over 30 varieties there.


Black Squirrels.  We don’t see many black squirrels here in Berkshire County, but you might catch a glimpse of them in Stanley Park!  Frank Stanley, whom the park is named after, received six black squirrels as a gift back in 1948. They’ve populated since then.

Woodland Wildflower Garden.  This award-winning wildflower garden lives up to its name, with around 200 different types!


The Duck Pond.  This is part of Stanley Park’s colonial village area, and something my son would go crazy for, he loves seeing ducks.  You might also see some other wildlife there if you’re lucky…

Carillon Tower.  Home to local concerts, it stands an impressive 98 feet tall with a gold leaf dome.  It’s dedicated to world peace.


Again, this is just a brief overview of what you’ll find at Stanley Park.  If the weather is nice, and you’re looking for a casual day to be outdoors, I’d definitely recommend it.  It’s an hour or less from The Berkshires depending on where you live, has free admission and parking, and is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors on a date or with the family!

*All photos in article taken from the official Stanley Park website, visit it at:  Stanley Park, Westfield Massachusetts - Stanley Park Westfield MA


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