An old song once said, "Your cash ain't nothing but trash." But it looks like the town of Stockbridge will be looking for more cash to handle your trash.

The Berkshire Record reports that the town's select board is seeking to double the price of residential transfer station stickers, from $25 to $50. The purchaser will need to prove that they are indeed a town resident. That sticker will then need to be stuck to a vehicle to avoid sharing.  Although doubled in price, the Stockbridge sticker seems to be a bargain compared to other nearby towns. It's $85 in Tyringham, $165 in Sheffield and $300 in Great Barrington.

Dann Rinsma, the town's compactor operator, was quoted as saying the stickers should be "at least $100."  He also thinks the prices on special items like refrigerators, mattresses and TVs need adjustments.

Some residents will argue that they are being made to bear the load of commercial users, which the report says are mainly responsible for the transfer station's $100,000 annual operating deficit.  The board plans to take up the issue of a commercial rate increase at its next meeting, which is tonight at 7:00


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