There will be a Special Town Meeting at 6:30 tonight in the Stockbridge Town Offices gymnasium at 50 Main Street. Several items are on the warrant, including a temporary moratorium on retail recreational marijuana establishments. But the headliner seems to be the one asking town voters to say yea or nay to up to $15,000 for a traffic study for Main Street intersections.

Rather generic wording aside, what the Town would like to do is find out if there is a way to smooth out the flow involving the often very busy and sometimes dangerous spot where Routes 7 and 102 and Pine St. come together, which happens to be right at the edge of the iconic Stockbridge Main Street.

Plenty of residents agree that some other solution is needed but there is wide disagreement, even among Selectmen, as to what that should be. The Berkshire Eagle reported that Selectman Terry Flynn said he would not even support placing the article on the warrant if there was any mention of a "traffic circle or roundabout" contained therein. So it was that the vote wound up 2-1 in favor of placing the question before voters.

Again, Stockbridge town voters, the question tonight is whether to approve funding for a study, not to vote on any particular solution. As with any public vote I'll remind you: if you don't make your voice known at the ballot box, don't complain later on your soap box.


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