One thing that my family started taking advantage of since we've been propelled into the pandemic is placing our grocery orders online and then taking my car to the store and having the order delivered right to my vehicle. One grocery store that I frequent is Stop & Shop in Pittsfield. Both the Merrill Road and Dan Fox Drive locations have always offered excellent service to me and my family. I live closer to the Merrill road location so naturally, I do most of my shopping there.

I'm happy to say that Stop & Shop's delivery/pick-up service is absolutely superb. I show up at the store, park in one of the designated pickup spots, and boom, a staff member comes right out to my car in very little time with my order. Plus, every time I'm there to get my groceries the employees are always smiling; they're friendly and happy to bring the order to my vehicle. From my own experience, there's no hassle if I need to return an item. They take care of it right away and then I'm on my way.

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Another plus that I have experienced with Stop and Shop's service is that if I order oatmeal, for example, if the store doesn't have that particular brand they'll substitute it with another brand, and most times it's a better brand (same flavor) but I don't have to pay the higher price. I can't confirm/guarantee that the store does this with every single item but from my experience, they definitely do it with some items. To me, it's a nice cherry on top of their already exceptional service.

I chose to write about this as many people really stepped it up during the pandemic, and grocery store employees deserve to have the spotlight shined on them as well. They were/are always on the frontlines through thick and thin. I thought it would be a nice tip of the hat for me to pass along my positive experience with a company that makes my day a little brighter and more convenient.

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