Stop & Shop announced in a media release today that flu shots are now available to Massachusetts children three years and older. With the State requiring all students to be immunized before the end of 2020, Stop & Shop has worked to expand its flu shot offering to patients three years and older, which are now available without a prescription or appointment.

Stop & Shop pharmacists are eager to do their part to protect the expanded patient population and aim to vaccinate all children three years and older with parental consent. During immunization, patients will be required to wear PPE and pharmacists will be equipped with masks, gloves, and face shields, while the immunization area will be disinfected and sanitized between each patient. The pharmacy team utilizes the same thorough disinfection protocols for all patients, to ensure the health & safety for patients of all ages. Customers can now virtually consent to immunizations by going here or scanning the contact-free Pharmacy Consent QR code in-store.

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Brittany Orlando, Clinical Lead for Stop & Shop Pharmacy made the following statement:

Stop & Shop is always looking for ways to make things easier for our customers, and our trained & trusted pharmacists are here to help parents make sure their kids are protected against the flu this season. Stop & Shop has conveniently stocked up on additional vaccines in advance due to COVID-19 and flu season coinciding. We're excited that our local Stop & Shop pharmacists can now help to keep more families healthy this flu season as we expand our ability to offer flu shots to children three years and older.

This year, Stop & Shop is offering a variety of standard dose flu vaccines, all of which protect against four strains of flu virus and are indicated for patients of all ages permitted in the state in which they live. Those who are 65 years or older will also have the opportunity to choose from two specialized senior vaccines Fluzone HD - and Fluad - which have been proven to be more effective than the standard dose among seniors. In addition, Stop & Shop pharmacies carry several preservative-free, latex-free, cell-based vaccines and its pharmacists are available to assist each patient in selecting the one that is best for them, while addressing any concerns they may have regarding allergies, preservatives and adverse effects.

You can learn more about Stop & Shop’s pharmacy offerings by going here.

(press release sent to WSBS from Global Newswire on behalf of Stop & Shop for online and on-air use) 

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