Over time, we have taken a look at some very strange Massachusetts laws. Laws that may have been active for whatever reason many moons ago and are still legally on the books but really don't make any sense. For example, in Boston, it's illegal to play the fiddle, what? Why? What's the prejudice against fiddles? Another example that I get a kick out of is it being illegal to water your lawn while it's raining in Holyoke. I have actually seen someone do this in my neighborhood in Pittsfield and I'm thinking to myself "You need to get a hobby." A final example is in Provincetown where it's illegal to sell suntan oil until after noon on Sunday. Yeah, figure that one out. Just bizarre. Check out 31 bizarre Massachusetts laws by going here.

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Other states also have weird laws, it's not just a Massachusetts thing. One law I find a bit confusing is that in Vermont it's illegal to whistle while underwater. First of all who's attempting that and why would it be illegal? Who would even think to come up with a law for that activity? Yes, it's all very strange. If you want to check out more strange laws in the Green Mountain State you can do so by going here.

We always have fun taking a look at some "out there" laws and if you know of any that humor you let us know about it via our app. We'd love to get your opinion on some of the crazy laws that are out there. Though nobody is likely to get arrested if they break these laws, it's a bit odd that they are still on the books.

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