Lately, we have been examining some weird Massachusetts laws. (you can check out 31 of them by going here) As I was checking out the laws, I was also looking at some weird Massachusetts stories in general. One of the stories I came across was pretty eyebrow-rising. I'm not sure how I missed it when it was initially published a couple of years ago but in case you missed it, I'm here to share it with you.

Make Sure Your Vices Don't Lead to Something Serious 

Let's face it, many of us throughout Massachusetts and the world have some type of vice. Treats, particularly candy, are definitely my weak spot. I tend to grab some on a semi-regular basis when I go grocery shopping in the Berkshires. I do have to take it easy with Halloween coming up. It's a good thing I have excellent dental

Doctors at a Massachusetts Hospital Discovered a Bizarre Cause of Death 

A couple of years ago there was a 54-year-old construction worker who passed away from liking treats a little too much. The treat that did him in was black licorice as he ate one to two bags per day for three weeks. According to various internet articles, though he did smoke cigarettes and had a poor diet (among other vices), he was physically active, with no heart issues.

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Why Was Black Licorice The Cause of Death? Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital Have the Explanation

According to doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital, the reason why the black licorice was the culprit is that the candy contains glycyrrhizic acid. When a person consumes too much of that acid, their potassium level drops. That is what happened in this case leading to cardiac arrest. It's worth noting before the construction worker started consuming black licorice regularly, he was eating the red version. He should have stuck with the red licorice. You can read the entire article by going here.

This definitely has to be one of the strangest deaths that have occurred in Massachusetts, at least in recent years anyway. This bizarre death is a reminder to us all, everything in moderation.

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