If there's one improvement you make to your outdoor living space this summer, might we suggest a retractable awning?

An awning will block the sun's harmful rays far better than a patio umbrella or pergola, which means you and your family can spend more time outside with less worry about harmful sunburns or overheating. Sunesta Awnings from Sondrini Enterprises can be installed about two weeks after your purchase and will last for years.

Sondrini Enterprises

Here are some tips from our friends at Sondrini Enterprises to keep in mind while you're shopping:

  1. Consider how many people will be sitting under the awning, so you get the appropriate width, projection and installation height.
  2. Know which direction the sun faces your patio throughout the day. Awnings offer customized options that can provide shade as the sun changes angles.
  3. When determining the height of installation, note if the awning will be mounted on your wall, soffit, or roof. As the awning projects outwards, the front bar also descends, so you'll want to ensure enough height when fully projected.
  4. We recommend a motorized remote-controlled awning rather than a manual hand crank. The awning will be used more often if it can be controlled electronically — it's just human nature!
  5. Take your time when selecting awning options, because it's going to last a really long time!

We love how well this awning paired with a retractable screen called a Sentry, which is great for providing a bit more privacy:

Sondrini Enterprises

Now's the perfect time to shop to get the most use out of an awning this summer, so don't wait. Check out sondrini.com or call (413) 443-0219 to learn more and get a free estimate!