As you all know by now, my all-time favorite TV show is the classic 60's sit-com "Gilligan's Island" as I have been with this beloved series since it's debut on CBS in 1964 and STILL tuned in during it's hey day in syndication. I also have ALL 98 episodes on DVD and it is such a joy to revisit the show in it's original form, as each episode is uncut and with NO interruptions whatsoever. This timeless series is near and dear to my heart and ALWAYS will be there for me as the island serves as another "happy place" (a TRUE escape from reality if you ask me)

Bob Denver will ALWAYS be "my Little Buddy" and it is such an honor that I have become friends with his wife, Dreama (I affectionately call her Mrs. Gilligan) as we will be saluting her legendary husband on what would've been his 87th birthday this Sunday (January 9th. NOTE--Bob was born exactly one day after "The King of Rock & Roll" Elvis Presley on the same year, 1935)

Our listeners in The Berkshires, Northwestern Connecticut and Eastern New York look forward to hearing the latest happenings in Dreama's life as she is currently enjoying the current resurgence of her personal memoir that became a personal literary effort that is being shared by readers worldwide. The 2nd edition of "Gilligan's Dreams: The Other Side Of The Island" has been well received and during the pandemic she penned a children's book "4 Bears In A Box" which was a creation from Bob through various sketches as he encouraged Dreama to transfer the story into a book that is enjoyed by all ages (present company included)


I always like featuring Dreama in a cover photo alongside her "bestie" Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann) who is SO sorely missed after her untimely passing in December, 2020. They were close friends and I STILL think back to the day in 2014 when we met at a book signing in my ol' hometown of New York City. Dawn was a genuine and unique person and my time spent with her will ALWAYS remain in my heart. We will also share our memories with "Mary Ann", a moniker that she embraced until the very end. Hard to believe she is gone, but Dawn is with both of us in spirit for sure.

A little background on how Dreama and I connected in life: Our association began  when I called in to her "Sunny Side Up" morning radio program in her hometown of Princeton, West Virginia. The station, WGAG/LBR is best known as "Little Buddy Radio" which was a joint project launched by Bob and Dreama. We spent time reminiscing about the show with her on-air co-host, Steve Coleman and an instant, magical friendship began. I truly believe Bob orchestrated this association from up above because of my love for his series as all 7 castaways have become part of my family in their own special and unique way.

Mrs. G. has appeared numerous times here on WSBS and other radio stations from my past years in Connecticut and Rhode Island, as I am happy to announce her appearances continue in full force on YOUR Home Town Station and guess what: She's back to join yours truly for a special Saturday edition of "Let's Talk" which airs after the 9 o'clock news and believe me, there is a lot to discuss within a 20 minute span.

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(Photo images used by permission courtesy of Dreama Denver)

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