So Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and for many it's a day of family, friends, food & football. It's also a day that reignites the Great Stuffing Debate.

Which one rules the day?   Cornbread/apple stuffing, sausage stuffing, oyster stuffing, cauliflower stuffing (pass, thanks) or some other variety? I often kid about, but have never had, kielbasa stuffing although there's probably a recipe out there somewhere.  Personally, a good ol' fashioned bread stuffing will do nicely, with some diced celery & onion and a bit of seasoning.  That's probably because it's the kind my mother always set on the family table.  I've tried a few others, and if invited I'll graciously sample whatever is served, but for me, the bread stuffing is still tops.  Next to the pumpkin pie, it's probably my favorite part of the meal.

Now, as for which type of cranberry sauce should be featured...I'll save that for another time.   Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by!

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