Update from Cumberland Farms on May 24. 2023

The price for coffee will be $1.29 at all Cumberland Farms stores, including those in New Hampshire and Maine

If there was one thing Berkshire County residents looked forward to, the price of a coffee (any size small or large) at Cumberland Farms was a mere 99 cents (plus tax) but local and statewide residents can say goodbye to this cost-saving purchase. Just can't seem to get a bargain these days. Even Dollar Tree has become a $1.25 store.

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Effective Monday, the price of a cup of joe will go up for the first time in over a decade. Hall & Oates's famous song title from 1983 sums it up best: "Say It Isn't So". Did you know that coffee at the gas station/convenience store chain has been priced at 99 cents for around 15 years? Customers are posting their frustrations online that the cost of a cup of Cumby's coffee will go up to $1.29, a 30 cent increase that adds up on a daily basis. This also applies to all of the stores' self-serve drinks, including soda.

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The purpose of the increase was to find a good price point at which the stores wouldn't lose sales volume as they try to keep up with inflation, but let's face it, everything these days is going UP with no relief in sight. This was the last vestige of a money saving purchase for caffeine addicts and now they have to join in to pay higher prices.

BOTTOM LINE: Get a large container of coffee and use the ol' percolator. Trust me, that gadget from the past STILL makes a GREAT cup of joe. Load the thermos and in the long run, you'll say significant savings, guaranteed!

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