The debate comes up every Easter.  What is the favorite candy preference for young and old when spring arrives and Easter Sunday approaches?  Peeps, the yellow marshmallow chicks, oftentimes will lead the conversation for the die-hards looking to debate the importance of this soft, squishy, sugar rush that doesn’t try very hard to actually resemble a baby chicken.

Taste of Home recently published an article announcing the most popular Easter candy in each state.  With all the different types of candy on the shelves, there were four that dominated the map across the country.  The Easter Cream Egg by Cadbury was #1 followed by Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg, Easter Jelly Beans by Starburst was 3rd and Chocolate Mini Eggs by Cadbury was 4th.

Here in Massachusetts the “Most Popular Easter Candy” according to the Taste of Homes report was the Cadbury Choate Egg.  New Hampshire was the only other state lining up with Mass on the Cadbury Egg.

Continuing the list of the “Most Popular Easter Candies” based on volume in the weeks leading up to Easter…at #5 Milk Chocolate Kisses by Hershey, Easter Milk Chocolate Candy by M&M at #6, Milk Chocolate Bunny by Lindt was 7th, Jelly Bird Eggs by Branch at 8, Peeps Marshmallow Chicks place 9th, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Eggs rounding out the top 10 according to Taste of Home.

You can check out the complete map of the U.S. and the preference of Easter candy by each state.  Click on the link to Taste of Home for all the details.

15 Ways You Can Help People in Ukraine Right Now

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