This Saturday morning "my WSBS "radio wife" Lisa Z will be checking in for her monthly appearance with yours truly as "The Radio Express" will present the BEST mix of music and some selections that will be "romantic" in nature as St. Valentine's Day takes center stage on February 14th. Normally, we spotlight all 80's tunes from "The RAD Decade" (that segment returns in high fashion next month) but fear not, we will make the magic happen across the airwaves in more ways than one.

Once again, Lisa will co-host from her Springfield, Massachusetts residence but we are BOTH waiting for the day this monthly extravaganza features us bantering together at our home base on Stockbridge Road as her appearances on WSBS are near and dear due to her ties with Berkshire county. Z at one point resided in "Beautiful Becket" before making the move out east.

We will feature our ever popular segment "What's Up With Lisa Z" as she fills us in on upcoming events and projects that serve the public interest. As you know, Lisa proudly holds the coveted title of being The Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Child Abuse Adult Survivors as she continues to provide a voice for those who cannot speak up regarding this sensitive topic.

A second literary project entitled "The Book of Jo Ann" continues to be a work in progress as she plans to publish this completed work by year send and we will bring you the first-hand scoop and an exclusive preview upon it's upcoming release. Her previous work entitled "The Unspoken Truth" continues to yield robust sales at local book stores and various on-line platforms as this compelling story brought us a rock solid life-long friendship over 3 years ago.

My "radio wife" can be best described in one word: INNOVATIVE as she continues to bring a slew of ideas and creativity to the table regarding her literary work and she provides a constant dedication to public service with virtual appearances to accent her state wide journey. Plus, let's not forget she has mastered the craft of being an AWESOME guest DJ on WSBS.

Ron and Lisa in B & W

We encourage you to acquainted with Lisa by checking out her web site which provides an assortment of information, captivating stories and a daily blog that brings perspective to her cause. feel free to comment as Z would appreciate your feedback regarding her on-line content. Don't forget to check out her Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and archived stories regarding her cause as this sensitive subject truly affect our daily lives. You can also connect with Lisa on the social network, LinkedIn (that is how it all started for us back in the fall of 2017).

Tune in to "The WSBS Radio Express" this Saturday at 11:05 am on-air at 860 AM OR 94.1 FM. Listen LIVE on-line by going here and while you are on our web site, click the LISTEN tab and scroll down to WSBS on Alexa OR WSBS on Google Home for step-by-step instructions to enable your Smart Speaker device. Download the FREE WSBS app at your local app store OR Google Play to your tablet, Smart phone OR mobile device and take us along wherever you GO: Remember, "WE ARE PORTABLE".

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