Before the Warrens became mainstream due to ghost hunter shows and big box office movies like "The Conjuring" I had the pleasure and excitement of attending one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's presentations. Ed and Lorriane made a visit to Berkshire County back in 1999 and they hosted an event at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield. Ed and Lorraine came on my radar when actors played them in the 1991 made-for-television movie entitled "The Haunted" (full movie below), one of my all-time favorites by the way. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see them live and in the flesh.

This presentation was both exciting and spooky. I literally got goosebumps sitting in the audience when Ed and Lorriane showed us a video of an actual exorcism that took place. You could see the transformation of a woman who was being exercised clear as day. This wasn't Hollywood, this was a home video camera. Another aspect of the presentation that had me in awe was when the Warrens displayed various photos of a female ghost at a Connecticut cemetery coming to fruition. Each photo showed a little more of the woman. In the last photo, you could see the complete figure. This looked like something out of Ghostbusters but again this wasn't a trick. It definitely was a treat for me though.

The Presentation at Berkshire Community College was the First Time I Learned About Annabelle

One of the other stories and photos that Ed and Lorriane shared with the audience that wasn't very known back then (but it is now thanks to all of the television shows and Conjuring spinoff movies) was the Raggedy Ann doll known as Annabelle. I remember Lorriane telling us how the doll got out of the glass case that she was housed in and caused havoc. You can learn about the origins of the haunted doll by checking out the videos below.

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I'm glad I attended this event at Berkshire Community College back in 1999 as I will never have this opportunity again. Not only did Ed and Lorriane share some impressive stories, photos, videos, and audio, they were one of the nicest couples I have ever met. They were just a couple of down-to-earth people sharing their passion with others who had a passion for real-life paranormal incidents.

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