She is best known as Alice Hyatt, the waitress who graced the small screen on CBS for almost a decade on prime time TV from 1976 to 1985. The series was based from a 1974 film entitled "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" which starred Ellen Burstyn in the title role. But viewers are familiar with Linda Lavin's iconic portrayal of a character who gave working single women raising children the TRUE inspiration needed to further their careers in the world of employment.

Linda Lavin recently co-starred in the CBS situation comedy "B Positive" alongside notable actors that included Ben Vereen, Hector Elizondo, Bernie Kopell, D.B. Sweeney and Jane Seymour. Unfortunately the same network that kept her on board as The Tiffany network abruptly cancelled the show which presented a talented ensemble cast for two solid seasons. Why is it always the good shows that suffer this unwanted fate? This is why I do NOT watch prime time television as this show was an exception and not the rule.

Don't worry: She is now taking her talents on stage singing selections from her new compilation entitled "Love Notes" a mix of standards, Brazilian hits and favorites from the duo, Steely Dan which is gaining lots of hits on musical platforms worldwide. You can see her latest gig this Thursday in neighboring Manchester, Vermont. For tickets and more information, log on here. You can also see her in an upcoming Broadway play in my ol' hometown of New York city this fall (I'll be there front row and center for sure).

Linda will chat with Ron Carson on the FINAL Saturday edition of "Let's Talk" on YOUR Home Town Station (more details will be available on this subject in an upcoming article) as she will also look back at her accomplishments on TV. Tune in at 9:20 am to 860 AM, 94.1 FM, LIVE on-line at, on the FREE WSBS app and via your Smart Speaker devices.

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