During the month of January, we will showcase a quartet of popular college campuses that are located here in the beautiful Berkshires. This week we focus our attention to Berkshire Community College which is centrally located at 1350 West Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Since 1972, the 180 acre site is situated 4 miles away from the city limits. Prior to that, BCC has been educating students at a former junior high school building that was located in the heart of downtown Pittsfield.

The college is also very affordable for those who seek financial aid to further their academic obligations with in-state tuition averaging about $5,500 per year. they offer over 50 associate degree and certification programs with general education courses for nursing degrees in conjunction with The University Of Massachusetts (U-Mass) and a host of other program offerings. The Student Financial Service Office is standing by to answer all your questions. Give them a call at (413) 236-1644 or send them an e-mail by going here.

Courses are also offered on-line, in person and on a hybrid virtual or in-person basis. It's very simple to apply in becoming a student at BCC. Here are some step-by-step guidelines to steer you toward that direction for a rewarding college education:

E-mail your high school or college transcripts to this address. If you are requesting financial aid, you must file by no later than March 15th by accessing this link. Future students need to set up a e-mail to receive the latest information. Sign up here to access a student user name as the password will consist of the last 6 digits of your social security number. 

A placement test is required prior to enrollment by accessing this link. for those who need personal accommodations, contact disability services. Select your courses by visiting this portal and make your required payment on-line. ALL students must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. You can access more information by going here.

Finally, the last step requires attendance of an on-line orientation session. You can schedule your designated appointment by logging on here. Now that you have completed the circle of establishing yourself as a BCC alumnus, it's off to the classroom for a fulfilling and rewarding education.

More information can be obtained by going to BCC's web site OR call (413) 499-4660.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of The Berkshire Community College web site)

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