It's not every day that you're at work and you can say that you saw a four legged creature that was out of the ordinary. I'm talking about a bear (yes, you heard right) as the person in question who witnessed this unpleasant sighting was ME! It was about the same size as the cover photo as my slight panic and caution kept me from snapping a photo of this unusual incident.

attachment-Another Trash Can Bear

After I wrapped up my Saturday shift at the station, my last task at hand was to check to see if we received any mail and it was a good thing my distance from this wild animal was of great length as the black bear came out of nowhere from the adjacent woods, made it's way to our dumpster (obviously the scent of food was in plain sight but as the bear could not open the lid, he advanced towards the main entrance of WSBS, parallel to my car, walked toward the sign, ran into route 7 (Thank God no oncoming traffic was in sight or this would have been a mess I just can't describe in words) and seconds later leaped into the woods across the street from our workplace.

attachment-WSBS Exterior

Granted, the one good thing is the bear did NOT see me and I totally kept my distance until it made it's fast exit from our premises. This happened SO fast and I am fortunate to share this horrific story with you because there might have been an instance where that could not have happened. If you have a similar situation and you're up close and personal with a bear, two words: "DON'T PANIC". Instead, elicit a series of screams or utter loud noises that will distract the animal and they will run away quickly as they have a zero tolerance of noise due to their sensitive hearing abilities and that serves as a major distraction in more ways than one.

Now that I have dispensed details on this nail-biting story (and LIVED to tell about it) There are two more words to share courtesy of the late, great, Michael Conrad who gave this sage advice at the start of every "Hill Street Blues" episode: "BE CAREFUL OUT THERE" because one NEVER knows.

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