Author: Jesse Stewart

The holiday season is upon us which means plenty of eating. Each household differs but you could be enjoying delicious meal options including turkey, ham, and/or roast beef dinners. Then you have all of the mouth-watering dessert options including pumpkin pie, apple pie, fruit cake, ginger bread cookies, candy, and the list is endless.

Growing up in the Berkshires, on Cady Street in North Adams, I remember on Christmas morning, running downstairs as obviously, I couldn't wait to rip open my presents from Santa but I was also excited to see what was in my stocking. My stocking would be chock-full of chocolate bars including Reese's Christmas trees, gelt, almonds, even oranges. My stocking was quite the grab bag.

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As I started reminiscing about the Christmas mornings at my Berkshire child home, I was wondering if there's a favorite Christmas candy in Massachusetts. There's a study on everything nowadays and guess what there is a favorite Christmas candy among Massachusetts residents. In a Most Popular Christmas Candy by State study that was conducted and published in November of 2020 by, Massachusetts residents selected the classic candy cane as the top Christmas candy choice in the Bay State. Clocking in at #2 was Hershey Kisses followed by Reese's Cup Minis.

Although I received candy canes in my stocking as a youngster, I'm going to have to disagree with this result. I would put Reese's at #1 and bounce the candy cane out of the top three. That's just me. What do you think? Should the candy cane stay at the top of the list?

Considering this study was from November of 2020, it's a good possibility, we'll see an updated study in a couple of weeks. Will the candy cane be dethroned or will it once again retain its throne at the top of the heap for the State of Massachusetts?

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