Let's face it: We live in a state that contains a little bit for everything as Massachusetts is the home to a plethora of historic cities and towns and your choices are enormous in nature as local residents and visitors in our area prepare their itinerary for the so-called "perfect weekend day trip". Tri-state region residents need NOT worry about adding accommodations to their plans, but even for the locals in our vicinity, this particular area remains a popular draw.

And the WINNER is: Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This locale is just about 10 minutes north of Great Barrington and 20 minutes south of Pittsfield. Critics reiterate if you are not from The Berkshires, this is one community that you must experience at least ONCE in your lifetime. Fortunately, we on the local front are familiar with Stockbridge's quaint surroundings as they have some of the historic buildings and attractions plus an assortment of boutiques, restaurants, museums and art galleries.

Main Street, Stockbridge

The village is also a prime waking destination as Main Street is filled with assorted areas of natural beauty and it's historical nature will also take you back into time as you will learn how an assortment of cultures teamed up to make this vicinity a viable part of Berkshire county. if you are from out of town, may I suggest a stop at the world famous Norman Rockwell Museum which is situated just outside the main village on route 183 and a stroll throughout The Berkshire Botanical Garden at the junction of routes 102 and 183 would be two of my prime stopovers and trust me, it is well worth your price of admission.

Dulwich Picture Gallery Celebrates Its Bicentenary in 2011
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Berkshire Botanical Garen pic

So what are you waiting for. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, this is the place to enjoy a GREAT day trip as the fall colors are also breathtaking during their peak season. You can plan a perfect getaway in Stockbridge by visiting the town's web site. And don't forget to snap some photos to make your stopover a memorable one, for sure!

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