I am writing this article as this 20th day of July is special because I have accomplished a TRUE milestone in my life: As of midnight, I am 60 years YOUNG, not OLD. My journey almost began in the back of a vintage Checker taxi cab during one of the wildest thunderstorms New York City has ever seen. I managed to avoid that scenario as I was in the friendly confines of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (the 168th Street train station on my old subway lines, the A and 1)

I'm proud that I was born and raised "In The Heights" (Washington Heights in upper Manhattan) and it was there my parents gave me my first transistor radio for my 3rd birthday and the first voice I heard was from my soon-to-be dear friend and mentor, Dan Ingram. It was at that instance, my mind was set to become a radio broadcaster and in 1983 that dream became reality when Chris Karl hired me for my first job at the now defunct WCKL in neighboring Catskill, New York.

Along with Big Dan, my mentors who also became dear friends in my life included Ron Lundy, Harry Harrison, Cousin Brucie, Gene Ladd, Lee Arnold, Del De Montreaux and Dandy Dan Daniel (Triple D) . I would say this list is impressive as the special feeling of growing up and listening to these voices resulted in a real-life bond as each instilled the fundamentals of this business to me and I STILL practice what they have preached to me. Some have left us and some, Thank God are STILL with us and I am blessed to be taught by some of the BEST in this business.

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I normally do NOT talk about myself in an article, but because of this special milestone, I took this time to say how BLESSED I am to continue doing what I LOVE for a living each and every day. Myself, our "Main Man & Main Dad" Jesse Stewart and our station manager, Dave Isby strive every day to bring top quality LOCAL community radio to our LOYAL and TRUE audience in the tri-state region and worldwide on the web and we THANK YOU for staying with YOUR Home Town Station, WSBS.Many thanks for the phone calls and messages sent to me via social media for my birthday as your thoughts are truly appreciated. As long as The Good Lord allows me to stick around in this world, my mission is to entertain each and every one that tunes in on a daily basis. Thank you for letting me a part of your day. It means SO much to me and as the ol' saying goes: We'll "Keep On ROCKIN!" Catch you back on the air every weekday morning at 10 and Saturday mornings too!

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