Here's a thought. If you wanna go cruising around, you know, take a nice leisurely drive out on the roads, you first might want to make sure your vehicle is in compliance with your state's vehicle and traffic laws. Second, you may not want to have any drugs in your car.

This past Monday, March 14, a driver from Massachusetts was pulled over in New York for what was probably a minor violation. However, once police had probable cause to search the vehicle, that minor violation became a major one.

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Look, this isn't a question of whether you're a fan of law enforcement or not(although I happen to be a huge fan). This is a question of if you're going to attempt an illegal or underhanded activity, are you smarter than the police?

New York State Police report that on Monday afternoon, state police based out of the Catskill barracks did a routine traffic stop. They pulled over a 2016 SUV that was traveling on Route 23 in the town of Cairo. Apparently, the vehicle was in violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Michael Rodriguez Jr., of Worcester, Massachusetts, was driving the vehicle. After the trooper spoke with Rodriguez, it was determined that there was probable cause to search the SUV.

During the search, troopers found over 50 grams of cocaine, tablets that turned out to be Oxycodone, and a digital scale. Rodriguez was then arrested and charged with a couple of felonies, Possession of a controlled substance, and possession with intent.

Rodriguez was also charged with a couple of misdemeanors. He was arraigned in Cairo's Town Court and released on his own recognizance. For more on the story, visit the New York State Police website here.

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