To get into the Halloween spirit, I posted a question a couple of weeks ago on Facebook asking if anybody has any real life scary stories or has seen a ghost. We received some chilling stories from our Facebook Friends. Below are the stories we received.

One listener wrote the following.

Here’s my ghost story.

So my family has an extra house on their property in Lenox. My brother currently lives there. My parents used to rent it and every tenant mentioned weird activity and one mentioned seeing a figure. Fast forward years later when I lived there and my daughters were small. I used to sit at my youngest bedside every night and run her back until she slept she was maybe 3 or 4. Well one night she said to me, "mommy you don’t have to sit with me anymore, the angel comes and reads to me at night." I thought nothing of it. I just thought she was imagining. About a week later, I was tucking her in and my oldest daughter's room a-joined her room so there was a doorway separating the two. As I was tucking her in, I glanced at the doorway and a woman in old fashioned clothing walked to the doorway. She was holding an open book, and she stopped glanced at me and kept walking! I literally went downstairs after saying goodnight and talked out loud, scared out of my mind I said. “Ok you can live here please don’t do anything scary. Please don’t scare my kids” I literally was just having a conversation out loud like a lunatic! I called my mom and told her and that’s when she told me the other tenants had seen her at times as well. I never saw her again. We researched who lived there way back when and her name was Phoebe. She died on my brothers birthday!!! He has never seen her but when he was married, coffee cups and things used to fall off the shelves. We think she didn’t like his now ex wife!

Another listener had this story to share with us:

When I was about 14 my parents and I were sitting in our living room when we heard our front door open and shut. My dad and I turned to see who was there when this misty dark form of smoke shaped like a person walked through our kitchen and straight through the other side of our house. My dad looked at my mom. I said "did you see that?" Want to talk about scary? I screamed. It even startled our dog because she was growling. That incident turned me a believer. Ghosts do

Here's another occurrence from one of our listeners

About three years ago in Housatonic at the cemetery, I just got done walking the trail and was heading back to my car when out of the corner of my left eye I saw a 1950s car with what I saw to be greasers, four of them, driving by looking at me in an odd way like I was on their turf. They looked like they just got back from a rumble with slick hair and a pack on there sleeves. I went to get into my car to leave but when I turned around they vanished into thin air.

Here's a final story that a listener sent in:

My true and scary story is the Becket quarry. We went all way to top and it says all flashlights will die and they all did with brand new batteries. Then I heard little girls screaming that’s when we lost it and ran out of there.. no lie go there for yourself to see.. pretty scary

Which story do you think is the most chilling?

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