One thing I loved about all the schools I attended in Massachusetts was the food, particularly lunch. I think many of us looked forward to meal time in elementary, middle, and high school. It was an opportunity for fellow classmates to get together and socialize during breakfast or lunch. Obviously, not every cafeteria meal was a hit but I must admit that I enjoyed most of them at the schools I attended throughout Berkshire County. I know some would disagree and turn their noses up at cafeteria meals but it wasn't just the meals that I enjoyed, it was the entire atmosphere. Ah, the little things in life that you miss as you get older.

College Campus Dining in Massachusetts Was Excellent as Well 

During my college years, I enjoyed the dining hall options and atmosphere. I attended Westfield State University (Westfield State College when I was there) and because I stayed on campus during the week, I spent plenty of time in the dining hall. The hall was pretty big and the meals were very good. That high school cafeteria atmosphere rolled over into college but in a different way since the college contained a big hall instead of a small cafeteria but the purpose was the same...spending time with friends, eating great food, socializing, and having fun. Heck, the campus dining hall even played classic rock radio over the speakers which was fine with me.

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Speaking of Campus Dining, a Massachusetts University Has Been Named Best in the Nation for Campus Food Again

According to, for the sixth year in a row, UMass Amherst leads the nation in the Best Campus Food category of The Princeton Review, which ranks the top 25 universities and colleges in 50 different categories for 2023. You can get more details about Umass dining by going here. Six years in a row is pretty impressive, with that kind of track record, they must be doing something right.

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