There's no doubt that people love their pets. Dogs, cats, goldfish and more are the apple of eyes for many individuals and for good reason. Animals can be your companion, many are loyal, and they become part of your family. Building a relationship with your pet, for many, is the equivalent of building a relationship with humans.

There are many folks who have the desire to own unique or exotic pets. Remember the movie 'The Hangover?' Mike Tyson owned a tiger. In the sitcom 'Friends,' Ross owned Marcel the exotic monkey and the examples go on and on. Some folks will illegally own exotic/unique animals but of course you take your chances and then you have to deal with hefty consequences if you get caught. Is it worth it?

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If you're thinking of owning a unique or exotic pet, you may want to check first to make sure the animal to be owned is legal. It goes without saying that lions, tigers and bears are out of the question. However, there may be others that you are thinking about that may not seem so black and white in terms of laws. Below is a list of animals that you cannot legally own in Massachusetts and by looking at this list, who would want to? Let's take a look now.

Unique Pets You Can't Legally Own in Massachusetts

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