The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce released an urgent message earlier today to South Berkshire residents and restaurants in regards to the worsening coronavirus spread that is sweeping areas of Berkshire County. The message stated the following:

After consulting with State Representative Smitty Pignatelli about the COVID-10 situation, the Board of the Southern Berkshire Chamber of commerce recognizes that coronavirus spread is now extremely serious in the region. Cases are rising, especially in restaurants and other businesses where people congregate. We all need to take auction to save our businesses in the Southern Berkshires. Specifically, we urge restaurant owners - for your safety and the safety of your staff and customers - to be extremely vigilant. Please follow the guidance for restaurants or consider switching to take-out and curbside only. Your extra caution may help avoid a total shutdown.

I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say thank you for taking this seriously and protecting the health and safety of our community. To quote Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, "the light at the end of the tunnel is you."

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