You might not know it from the cold weather that’s been hanging around in the Berkshires, but spring is here!  There’s lot to love about spring, from the warmer weather, outdoor sports, gardening, and so on.  But, there’s one thing no one likes.

Springtime allergies.

A little over 24 million people in the United States suffer from spring allergies, and there’s a good chance you’re one of them.  Pollen is the main culprit in spring.  Plants release pollen into the air in March and April to fertilize other plants, and this pollen gets into your nose.  Your body’s immune system goes “what the heck is that?!” and thus begins your runny nose, sore throat, scratchy eyes, and whatever other symptoms you get.

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The good news for Massachusetts allergy sufferers, is that we’re expected have a mild spring.  According to AccuWeather, the tree pollen level for Massachusetts will be below average.  The bad news is the weed pollen season in the fall will be above average.

Now, that said, you already have something at home to help you with these allergies…your mask!

According to experts, including Dr. Parikh, who is an allergist and immunologist in New York, masks will absolutely help!  She says, “The face masks definitely help with the airborne allergens, for the same reason they help protect you from viruses.  Your nose and mouth are covered, so you’re less likely to breathe in pollen, mold, animal, dust mites.  All of the things that trigger allergies.”

It’s common sense, right?  And hey, remember when we all wore masks and there was no flu season in The Berkshires?  Masks work!  So, even if you’re done wearing it for Covid, you still might want to wear one for your allergies.  To me, at least, it’s worth it to prevent a sore throat and runny nose for days!



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