We're finally getting some relief from the bitter cold temperatures and for the next couple of days we will see some warmer, spring like temperatures. However, with the warmer temperatures combined with heavy rainfall, we can expect to see some flooding. According to AccuWeather, a flood watch will be in effect from 12 am Friday through 1 pm Saturday.

In addition, local and state officials are urging residents to stay off of frozen lakes and bodies of water with constant moving under currents. The mild temperatures will loosen the ice a bit and it will be dangerous to stand on the lake due to the possibility of falling through the weak ice. So plan your ice fishing and other frozen lake activities for a much colder day.

Here are all of the flood watch details as posted from AccuWeather:

The Flood Watch is for

* East central New York, western Massachusetts, northwestern
Connecticut and southern Vermont.

* From late tonight through Saturday afternoon

* A combination of heavy rainfall, snow melt and potential ice
jams may cause flooding on rivers and streams. Rainfall amounts
1 to 2 inches are expected, with locally higher amounts
possible. The heaviest rainfall is expected to occur late tonight
and Friday morning.

* Rivers and streams could see locally fast and significant
rises in vicinity of any ice jams.


A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding based on
current forecasts.

You should monitor later forecasts and be alert for possible
Flood Warnings. Those living in areas prone to flooding should be
prepared to take action should flooding develop.