As noted in a previous post Unsolved Mysteries: A Netflix Original Documentary Series will be releasing the first six episodes of this new iteration of the iconic series globally to Netflix on July 1. The Berkshire County UFO sighting of 1969 will be episode #5 of the six episode batch release.

Below is the official trailer for the new series.

We have included the episode titles and descriptions below for the first six episodes.

“Mystery on the Rooftop,” directed by Marcus A. Clarke 

The body of newlywed Rey Rivera was found in an abandoned conference room at  Baltimore’s historic Belvedere Hotel in May 2006, eight days after he mysteriously  disappeared. While the Baltimore Police maintained that the 32-year-old committed suicide  by jumping from the hotel’s roof, the medical examiner declared Rey’s death “unexplained.”  Many, including his devastated wife, Allison, suspect foul play.

“13 Minutes,” directed by Jimmy Goldblum  

Patrice Endres, 38, mysteriously vanished from her Cumming, Georgia, hair salon in broad  daylight, during a 13-minute timeframe, leaving behind her teenage son, Pistol. Patrice’s  disappearance intensified the existing tensions between Pistol and his stepfather as they dealt with the loss and searched for answers.

“House of Terror,” directed by Clay Jeter 

In April 2011, French police discovered the wife and four children of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès buried under the back porch of their home in Nantes. Xavier, the family patriarch, was not among the dead and nowhere to be found. Investigators gradually pieced together  clues and a timeline that pointed to Xavier as a devious, pre-meditate killer. For instance, they now know that shortly before the crimes occurred, Xavier inherited a gun that was the same  model as the murder weapon.

“No Ride Home,” directed by Marcus A. Clarke 

Alonzo Brooks, 23, never returned home from a party he attended with friends in the  predominantly white town of La Cygne, Kansas. A month later, a search party led by his family  locates Alonzo’s body — in an area that law enforcement had already canvassed multiple  times. The FBI recently reopened the case and on ​June 11, announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any responsible parties in Alonzo’s death.

“Berkshires' UFO,” directed by Marcus A. Clarke 

On September 1, 1969, many residents in Berkshire County, Massachusetts were traumatized  by a sighting of a UFO. Many of these witnesses have never come forward to tell their accounts before now.

“Missing Witness,”​ ​ directed by Clay Jeter 

At age 17, a guilt-ridden Lena Chapin confessed to helping her mother dispose of her  murdered stepfather’s body four years prior. In 2012, Lena was issued a subpoena to testify against her mother in court, but the authorities were never able to deliver the summons —  because Lena had disappeared, leaving behind a young son.

(Trailer and featured image used by permission from Netflix and Unsolved Mysteries)

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