Three years ago, Berkshire county cable subscribers took a loss when their NBC affiliate from Springfield, Massachusetts was removed from their basic line-up. Last Tuesday morning, viewers welcomed the opportunity to once again watch WWLP, channel 22, but there is one caveat to this addition: the station is ONLY presenting local newscasts 24/7.

Viewers can watch LIVE newscasts as scheduled in the morning, afternoon and evening at their regularly scheduled time. During other alloted times, their recent news broadcast will continue to air until the next LIVE show is presented. NBC network oriented shows including prime time, sports and syndicated programming can still be viewed on WNYT-TV (News Channel 13 in Albany, New York).

This re-launch was made possible thanks to tireless efforts in Boston after Berkshire county residents expressed their disdain over the loss of channel 22 back in 2017. Years later, Massachusetts senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren along with our very own Berkshire County State Representative Smitty Pignatelli and Bay State Representative Richard Neal battled hard to reinstate channel 22 and that has finally come to fruition.

It is not likely WCVB-TV, channel 5 from Boston will return in any capacity after Charter removed the capital city ABC affiliate 2 years ago, but viewers now have another choice to follow news from western Massachusetts. They also have an option to watch WSHM-TV (channel 3) which is available as well. All Albany, New York stations remain on the cable line-up as Berkshire county is part of the Capital Region television market and they are deemed as "must carry" stations.

You can find 22 News on channels 16 and 1204 in south county and up north by tuning in to channels 14 or 1204.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a article that can be found on WWLP's Facebook page and web site)

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