Another evaluation from The Housatonic Water Works Company yielded the village's drinking water is STILL not up to par. As a resident, I am deeply disgusted with what comes out of the faucet these days and that has been the case since my arrival in 2019. It seems like this is a never-ending process that just does NOT want to be rectified. the question is: WHY?? Statistics show a recent test from last year shows a high amount of haloacetic acid compounds were found in the current drinking supply and that translates into a series of health problems concerning a basic necessity in our daily lives.

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These byproducts are the result of a mash-up between chlorine disinfectants and natural organic matter and a recent flushing of the water system resulted in massive discoloration caused by a spike in manganese levels. The Bay State's Department of Environmental Protection reports that excessive consumption of tainted water could pose an increased risk of cancer and this poses as a red flag to those affected by this unhealthy inconvenience. Experts also say another cause of this ongoing problem was a copious amount of rainfall that hit the area last summer.

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Records and data were reviewed regarding sampling and treating procedures, weather conditions, plus sources of water quality were taken into consideration. Another culprit points to the presence of natural organic matter in the vicinity of Long Pond. The village's water works company is in the process of rectifying this ongoing problem with constant monitoring of Housatonic's water quality to assure this will not be of a long lasting nature.

If residents have any questions or concerns (I'm sure they do!), they can log on to this web site for more detailed information or send an

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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