Did anyone else in Western Massachusetts see a bright, flashing object in the sky on Thursday night? On the evening of February 2, I was sitting in my living room recliner at my home in central Berkshire County when my wife came over to me and told me that there was a strange flashing object in the sky. She grabbed her cell phone and took video footage of it through our guest bedroom window. The object was quite bright and it appeared to be flashing. There were points when we were looking at the object when it would completely stop shining and then reappear. That's right, the object would just go completely black and come back.

What Was This Object in the Sky Over Western Massachusetts? 

At one point I went outside to look at the object and grabbed my neighbor who had just arrived home from work to see if he had any ideas as to what the object was. Naturally, with so much UFO activity being in the media over the past several years, some people would want to automatically jump to that conclusion. But he thought it could have been space junk, a dying star, or something else altogether. The sky was quite clear on Thursday evening so there weren't any clouds around the object and it hung there for quite a while even though at times, it appeared to be moving.

One of my other neighbors had a theory that the object was the star, Sirius. After watching a few videos on YouTube that seems like that could be the case but I'm not an expert. Check out the video that my wife took below. What do you think the object was? Was it Sirius, a dying star, space junk, a UFO? What are your thoughts?

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