Some months ago, I wrote a post about those stars on the side of people's homes or barns and what they mean. The rumor was that it meant something that some would refer to as totally risque.

That ended up not being the case, but, emanating from that conversation with a friend of mine who happens to have as star on his house, was the upside down pineapple thing.

Wait. What?

cut pineapple with slices isolated on white

Now, I know that pineapple is on its side and not upside down, but I couldn't find a photo of an upside down one 😂.

So, Yeah, What's Up With The Upside Down Pineapple?


It's a symbol for SWINGING!

An upside-down pineapple—worn on clothing or jewelry, pushed around in a shopping cart, etc.—is a subtle signal that someone is a swinger or looking for a swinger party.

Some people even have them on their porch, or on their door, be it a hotel door or whatever.

Apparently this isn't a super NEW thing, but has seem some resurgence on TikTok as of late.

I will spare you a lame Austin Powers joke at this time. Grrrrrr, baby! 😂

So, Why A Pineapple?

The only thing I could find that was semi-related was this:

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, triggers testosterone production which can elevate a man's sex drive. High levels of vitamin C and thiamine in pineapple provide a surge of energy to the body too, thus increasing sexual stamina.

Monogamy certainly isn't for everyone, and as long as anyone isn't getting hurt, do you, I suppose!

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